Many became familiar with Famous Dex through his contribution to Rich Forever 3, his collaborative mixtape with Rich The Kid and Jay Critch. Even then, Dexter knew Rich was destined for fortuitous tidings. 

"One thing about Rich, he's a boss," says Dexter. "He definitely gonna make sure you know who Rich is, man he makes his platform. I love him, that's why I'm here." He goes on to reveal the unlikely man responsible for making that introduction in the first place - Lil Uzi Vert. Or, as Rich himself might call him, "who?" Dex seems to appreciate the poetic nature of the circumstances, calling it "interesting" with the same cadence as a cartoon evil genius.

Apparently, both Uzi and Rich didn't hesitate to remind Dex of that fact, which left him wondering how Uzi ended up vouching for him in the first place. "It's cool though," reflects Dex. "God works in ways." He concludes the topic with high profile analogy, saying "you see what Lil Wayne did for Drake? Now look at Drake and Wayne now." 

Throughout the extensive interview, Dexter also opens up about recording "Pick It Up" with A$AP Rocky. "I didn't even like the song," admits Dex, "I had the song for five to six months, I hated the song...But then we heard the "order V-Lone."" From that moment on, Dexter was convinced he had a hit on his hands, all thanks to the melodic prowess of A$AP Rocky. For more from Dexter, be sure to catch the full episode of On The Come Up below.