On June 30th, over 700 #FamiliesBelongTogether marches took place everywhere from major cities to small towns across the U.S. The marches were organized in opposition to Donald Trump's immigration policy, particularly, the "zero tolerance policy" that separated immigrant children from their parents after entering the country illegally, often fleeing violence or economic collapse in their home countries.

Alicia Keys spoke at the rally in Washington DC, as did Lin Manuel Miranda and Chrissy Teigen. "My seven-year-old son is here with me today. His name is Egypt. And I couldn't even imagine not being able to find him," said Keys in her speech, according to USA Today. "I couldn't even imagine being separated from him or scared about how he is being treated, so this is all of our fight, because if it can happen to any child, it can happen to my child and your child and all of our children."

John Legend also spoke out and performed his new song "Preach." 

"I know opening up Twitter right now feels like it can be a horror show. So much of the news is shocking and maddening and depressing," he said. "I think some of us have a strong temptation to just disengage, but we can't. We can't do that. I can't do that. I have to do something."

On top of all those who attended, many artists and celebrities shared words of support for the protest on social media. Read them below.