Fabolous has been putting in work for decades now, and his bars remain as sharp as they ever have. With his upcoming Summertime Shootout 3 album set to arrive this Friday, Loso took a moment to speak with 99Jamz' Supa Cindy and DJ Entice about his past, present, and future goals. While there's much to glean from the nearly-hour-long conversation, Fab made sure to detail some of his dream collaborations that have yet to manifest. "There's a lot of young artists I like I haven't worked with," he begins. "I definitely want to work with, Nas. And I would like to work with Eminem. I've always been a fan of his work."

Perhaps we'll see it happen in 2020, who knows? And if not Nas and Em, we may very well see Fab linking up with another heavy hitter. We've already seen Freddy Vs Jasonas portrayed by Fabolous and Jadakiss. But what about throwing Michael Myers, or somebody equally cold-blooded into the mix? While it would likely be unwise to cross our fingers, Fabolous recently floated the idea of laying down a collaboration tape with fellow lyrical murderer Pusha T

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

As he tells it, the thought has indeed crossed his mind, so much so that preliminary discussions have already kicked off.   "I feel like this era with the digital you can do those as vanity projects," reflects Fab. "I was talking to [Pusha T] about maybe doing one. It could be eight to 10 songs. Me and Push probably already have two songs." Insofar as his own process, Fab admits that while he's capable of rolling with any vibe in the studio, he remains a writer at heart. "Sometimes you catch a vibe of the music," he explains. "Even if you put four, eight bars or something to get the energy started...But I'm a writer, I like thinking my thoughts out and putting them on paper, seeing them. I still think that process is dope. No offense to anybody who doesn't do that...I like that process. You get a real good feeling out of it."

For more from Loso, be sure to check out the full interview below and look out for that Summertime Shootout 3 project dropping this black Friday.