Fabolous took a public L a few days ago when a Fiorella Zelaya, a model with a sizeable following, exposed his DM advances on her IG page. Her intentions were to publicly shame him for mistreating women. She went about her business by posting screen caps of the brief exchange then went to the trouble of listing off her 9 unofficial commandments towards a healthy love life, many of which centered around picking the right mate. To be precise, she listed abusive men, cheaters, e-mail etiquette, location, and her ethical standards as factors that play into her staying on the safe side in her daily exchanges with men.

The full transcripts of part one can be viewed here.

Fabolous, still reeling from the exchange, found a way to bite in the form of a subliminal shot. In a post that put into context a conversation he was having with Royce Da 5'9, Fabolous wrote, "I gotta beware of public figure hoes who think they’re 1 clout chase away from being Kim Kardashian," and obvious quip at Fiorella Zelaya. Fabolous' words seemingly undercut her "professional merit," the same way she invariably questioned his track record in abusive relationships. His decision to slut-shame a person he had contacted in the first place, is totally hypocritical. Sometimes it's best to just sit and wallow, when confronted with possible legal action, and a marriage on the rocks.