The on-again, off-again saga plaguing Fabolous's relationship with Emily Bustamante is likely headed back to code red. Fabolous was recently exposed after sliding into Fiorella Zelaya direct messages. The Peruvian-American model took it upon herself to "out" the rapper for his advances. It seems she was hoping to make an example out of cheating/abusive men, two very prominent charges against Fabolous in his personal life. Fiorella screen capped both parts of the exchange and uploaded them to her Storyboard.

The model then explained her actions through a series of personal commandments starting with her faithfulness to her fiancée. Fiorella then listed (2) abusive men (3) cheaters (4) e-mail etiquette (5) location (6) her dental care (7) ethical standards (8) her terms of employment are surefire reasons he stood zero chance at wooing her in bed, or taking her out. Fiorella then followed up her Story with a picture of her fiancée nodding off sleep with the words "Goodnight" emblazoned over the photograph.

Before this occurrence, all signs pointed towards Fab and Emily B finding respite in the relative calm following his court appeal. The couple appears to be living under one roof with their children Jonas and Johan Jackson. We'll have to see how Fiorella's public rejection of Fab will affect their relationship and the outcome of the trial.

all images via Instagram (@misssperu)