Unfamiliar with Post Malone? Well it's time to get acquainted. The Dallas singing rapper just signed a contract with Republic Records based largely in part off the stunning success of his breakout record, "White Iverson," which now has over 30 million plays on soundcloud. Malone is white, but he doesn't play basketball. Like Iverson, though, he shares an aversion toward practice, and he prefers to go straight into the studio for unmeditated, off-the-top recordings. 

You may think it silly of Republic to sign Malone off of one hit, but Post has a more than a few other buzzing tracks out right now, and if you dug "White Iverson," you'll likely appreciate their similar vibes -- slow, woozy, ATL-inspired ballads in which Post sings about typical trap motifs as if they were elements of a love song. For starters, check out another athlete-inspired FKi-produced cut, "Holyfield." 

Here are 6 essential facts about young Post. Thoughts on his future in the game?