Eminem's daughter Hailie has been the source of several rap beefs over the years. Just last year, the feud between Marshall and Machine Gun Kelly was intensified because of comments that the Cleveland rapper made about Hailie. Shady is understandably protective over his girls and he won't let anything happen to 23-year-old Hailie. A few days ago, Hailie told the world that she was embarking on a much-needed vacation, jetting off to a sunny destination and showing off her toned stomach on her page. Today is no different because Hailie is piling up enough content to last her weeks, posting another shot in her bikini while lounging on a tree.

Hailie wore a sunhat to protect her from the beaming rays, rocking a blue off-the-shoulder bikini and making her legs the focal point of the image. Apparently, Hailie has some modelling experience because this looks like a pretty difficult pose to pull off given the fact that she's balancing on a literal tree branch. She admittedly had some difficulty with it, noting that a "rooster almost made me fall out of this tree." 

A few weeks ago, we published a list of Hailie's most must-see photos from her Instagram page, which you can view here. The Detroit native looks absolutely stunning and she'll surely continue to post images from her relaxing stay in the sun.