When Eminem came out with Kamikaze a few weeks ago and dissed just about everybody in the rap game, most of the victims took it in stride, some even thanked Em for the honour of being mentioned in one of his songs. After a while people began to wonder if there would be a response at all. Then, Machine Gun Kelly, of all people, was the first to fire shots with his "Rap Devil," where he goes in on Marshall Mathers for almost five minutes straight. Fans were pleasantly surprised: 

Then came a long silence from Eminem, who betrayed no hints of having a response in the works. People were declaring MGK the winner:

One day before the week was up, Eminem came back with "Killshot," and the judging began. It's been going back and forth ever since, with valid points on both sides:


There's also been some very helpful analysis, like this one: 

There's also a group of people who are not here for this whole beef:

Who do you think won? Is it even over? Please let us know in the comments.