Eminem and his legal team are going to greats lengths to ensure they are paid in full over a copyright case currently upheld by New Zealand's Supreme Court. According to AU News, Eminem is unsatisfied with the monetary ruling bestowed upon him, for the unlawful use of a song that strongly plagiarizes "Lose Yourself." Curiously enough, the copy-cat song was used in a political campaign promoting presidential hopeful John Key back in 2014.

Eminem's attorneys ran the tapes a total of 186 times, equal to the number of times Key ran the copy-cat song on public television.  For his troubles, Eminem was initially awarded half a million dollars in punitive damages, with an appellate court ultimately reducing the monetary figure by several thousand, to a modest $152,898 back in December. 

As you can imagine, Eminem wasn't about to let the second appeal go unanswered. Just recently, lawyers repping Eight Mile Style LLC filed new court documents, for the purpose of securing the original lump sum offered by the Supreme Court.

As of this writing, New Zealand's Supreme Court has yet to decide whether it will allow Eminem a second opinion on the matter. While this is happening, Eminem is continuously breaking attendance records in both Australia and New Zealand, where his popularity appears to be frozen in time.