Let's start things off by stating that Elon Musk is forthright when he says he doesn't "know how to smoke pot, or anything." Now you're probably wondering why Elon Musk's recreational habits are of any interest, to us, to you, to me? But Elon Musk, unlike any public figure in recent memory, has the ability to turn a banal scenario into a fit of hysteria.

In a new interview set to air on CBS' 60 Minutes furthered the discussion on his weird relationship with Marijuana. "I do not smoke pot," he said. "As anyone who watched (his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast is inferred) could tell, I have no idea how to smoke pot, or anything. I don't know how to smoke anything, honestly." 

He labored on, dispelling any need for a substance abuse intervention. "I'm just being me," he said. "I'm certainly under insane stress and crazy hours but the system would have failed if I was truly erratic." The CBS interview basically gives the chokehold meme, the line of reasoning, it never needed. If you'll recall, Elon Musk refused to inhale the marijuana smoke while he spoke with Joe Rogan, on some witch broom logic, shoutout to Grimes.