After struggling to confirm guest performers for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Maroon 5 announced that they will be joined by Travis Scott and Big Boi. Since then, reports have shown that Scott had a set a particular condition to his accepting the gig. He would only perform if the NFL agreed to donate $500 000 to a charity "social justice accelerator" Dream Corps. This deal appears to have upset some people, including Ebro.

The radio personality hopped on social media to express his disdain. He uploaded a headline stating the NFL deal Travis conjured up and added his criticism in the caption: "This is trash! $500K ???? Wow... super lame @travisscott .... Love you, but this is wack!" It is unclear which part of the concept is "trash" in his opinion based on the few words he offered. His following tweet adds some context to his political stance.

"What if I told you the “Shutdown” is NOT about the wall?? What if I told you the organization the NFL is donating to for Travis Scott has a board with a Rothschild on it? Do you care? F*ck it let’s watch the games & dance!"

He also called out Big Boi for his participation.