Information pertaining to anything Earl Sweatshirt does is pretty scarce. The California rapper is pretty low-key for the most part and emerges once its time to drop new music. While we've yet to hear anything new this year, one of Earl's closest collaborators assured fans that his next project is indeed a "masterpiece."

Alchemist took to Twitter today for a Q&A among his fans. While he fielded questions about his upcoming Bread EP, a fan asked the legendary producer when we could expect the project. Although he didn't reveal a date, he did give fans a bit of insight on what to expect.

"listened to his new album again last nite that shit is a masterpiece." He replied.

While he clearly dodged answering anything about the album's release, he did manage to build the hype even further for new music from Earl.

The rapper's been relatively quiet for the past two years, although he did assure fans that new music would be dropping this year. On New Years Eve, the rapper let fans know that he's been hard at work.

"newchunes 2018, don't think i wasn't at work," he revealed on Twitter.

More recently, Earl did hint that a project would be on the way soon in a since-deleted tweet.

"the vibes... SRS COMING SOON THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER !!” He wrote. 

Hopefully, the project arrives soon. We're going to take Alchemist's word that Earl's upcoming album will be a "masterpiece."