Tory Lanez has been fancying himself a Thanos-type figure of late, setting his heart of decimating the rap game one lyricist at a time. That's not to say his intentions are malicious, though his diss tracks tend to pull no punches in their disrespect. Conversely, Lanez appears to be calling out names for the love of the sport. The end result has been something out of a video game, in which Tory has set his sights on two prominent "bosses," J. Cole and Pusha T. Yesterday, after sending a scathing report volley at Don Q, Tory doubled down on his Cole ambitions, vowing to tear his way through the entire Dreamville roster to get to him.

Naturally, JID didn't exactly take kindly to the disrespect. The lyricist warned Tory that the floodgates had been opened, and Dreamville slander was not to be tolerated in any capacity. Though Tory initially backed off, JID continued to express interest in engaging in warfare, likening himself and his teammates to Sun Tzu. While the notion of a JID vs Tory Lanez "beef" is entertaining insofar as storylines are concerned, it's clear that this goes deeper than rap for the East Atlanta Playboy.

While JID was the first to openly meet Tory in the open field, word quickly spread of the Canadian's challenge. It didn't take long for Dreamville's roster to wake up, each one reacting to Lanez' smoke signal in different ways. The wise and amicable EarthGang were ultimately roused back onto Twitter, laughing at a few Tory-related cracks in the process. Dot, who appeared to be heading the Gang's account for the moment, promised that he'd be with the "fuckshit" as it plays out.

Cozz was also quick to weigh in, proving once again that Dreamville stands united in their ultimate goal. Upon initially hearing Tory's challenge, it felt as if he wasn't exactly familiar with Cozz' pen game. Rest assured that the Effected lyricist has bars, and seems more than willing to contribute should the need arise.

Dreamville's Ibrahim H took a moment to quietly address the feud, his role as a "leader by example" coming to fruition. Instead of directly engaging, Ib used Cole's own words to drive home a message. Given the context of everything that's popped off, the "Middle Child" verse speaks volume. And while he has yet to directly weigh in, Bas took a moment to retweet Ib's post.

Lute took a moment to chime in, deciding the wisest course of action would be sending Ari Lennox for cleanup control. "Bar for bar Ari alone would body tory," he writes. As for Ari, she opted to keep her thoughts off social media, at least, to an open capacity. Likewise for Omen.

Regardless of what comes of this, be it further diss tracks, or simply a case of evaporated tension, you have to respect the Dreamville unity. When called upon, they answered as a united front, and will likely face Tory in kind should he continue to push the button. Keep a watchful eye for that Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 project, as well as MirrorLand from EarthGang, set to arrive in the near future. Who you got in a Dreamville vs Tory feud?