Drake hopped on twitter this morning, apparently in a sharing mood. The rapper from the Six first teased fans about his show on Apple Music's Beats 1 24/7 worldwide radio, and then quickly followed that up with another teaser: he's featured on Future's Dirty Sprite 2.

Future hinted that an album was on the way earlier in the week, and last night he brought that full circle with artwork and a release date for his Dirty Sprite follow up, Dirty Sprite 2. With the pre-order link available on iTunes, Drizzy tweeted it out and added, "Dirty Sprite 2 and I am on there!!! FBGOVO." The two recently wrapped up their short "Jungle" tour together.

In his first tweet, Drake said that we can expect some exclusives to be shared on the radio show he's hosting, as well as a co-host in the form of Oliver El-Khatib (one of Drake's woes/co-manager/crew member). "That radio show you don't want to miss...Oliver vs Drake sound clash so you know I had to let exclusives ring off. No sound can test. AT ALL," he wrote. Fans can probably expect a bit of back-and-forth song playing between the two OVO members, although we're not sure when exactly his show will air.