If ever we hear a song between these three, perhaps the world really is coming to an end. We can't envision ever being exposed to a collaboration between Drake and Lil Pump but, who knows, maybe one of these days we'll get lucky. Drake has a tendency of throwing around his co-sign to anybody who he thinks deserves it. Most recently, BlocBoy JB and Lil Baby have been given the Drizzy stamp of approval. French Montana previously collaborated with Lil Pump on the Deadpool 2 track, "Welcome to the Party," and Drake worked with French on "No Shopping" but could a song utilizing all three of their voices be in the works.

The three were likely just chatting over the weekend in London but the possibility of a track between the three of them seems at least exist now that they've snapped a pic together. Showing off their "London Wave," the three posed for a selfie at Wireless, cheesing for the camera with Pump looking the most excited to be witnessing Drake's highness in person. 

Drake was a surprise appearance at the U.K. festival, replacing DJ Khaled after he was vacationing too hard. Lil Pump also performed a set at Wireless, pausing his concert midway to help a fan through a medical emergency. Although a track with all three of these talents sounds like it has the potential to be a hot mess, we're kind of curious as to exactly what it would sound like.