In the wake of Ozuna's convoluted extortion controversy, Don Omar has emerged ready to humiliate his longtime rival. The rumors had been circling for months, an openly-gay Latin Trap singer named Kevin Fret was believed to have concocted an extortion plot using a sex tape which included Ozuna and two other men.

In the wildest turn of events, Fret was killed on January 10th, while riding his motorbike in Puerto Rico's sovereign capital of San Juan. About a week later, the details of Ozuna extortion cases started to emerge, with the Reggaeton star confirming not only his identity (in the video) but also his underage stage status when it was filmed. Ozuna issued an official statement through his label management office, Dimelo VI, confirming it as such.

Since going public with his victimhood in the extortion case, Don Omar has launched a smear campaign against him on social media. At first, Omar used the expression "Pato" to describe Ozuna, a homophobic slur used in some, but not all Latin (Spanish-speaking) countries. The duck emoji is placed side-by-side with an image of bear - an obvious nod to the personally-branded "Teddy" logo that appears on much of his published material.

As a result of the homophobic diatribe, many high-profile Puerto Ricans, like fellow recording artist Bad Bunny, and San Juan's Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, have come to Ozuna's defense in criticizing Don Omar's insensitivity. Social media users in Puerto Rico and other Central American countries have double-downed on the righteous cause, a sentiment that likely only exists within certain degrees of exposure.