Things have been going pretty well for DMX ever since his release from prison. He's been back in the studio, reconnecting with his former companions, and overall, he's looking better and healthier. Fans have been eagerly awaiting for his return to music which appears to be coming soon. Fresh off of the release of "Just In Case" with Swizz Beatz and Rick Ross, AllHipHop reports that he has signed a new deal with Def Jam. The deal was reportedly done this year with his first release apparently set to be a Christmas album titled, DMX-Mas.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It's truly unclear if the Christmas album will actually be a thing but the deal is real. Speaking to Angie Martinez, Swizz Beatz, DMX's closest collaborator, confirmed that the deal with Def Jam indeed just happened. He explained that DMX is one of the people who he came up with in the game and will always have his back.

"I used to say ‘hold him down,’ but ‘lift him up.’ Right? And the difference between now and then is that he wants to lift himself up also. And that’s why we’re getting this different type of X, with the consistency, and he's active, and even the way he’s rapping on the Ross song," he said. "You know, [he] got his deal with Def Jam now. He’s got a bunch of movies on the table. When it’s right, it’s right. But it’s only right when he wanted it to be right. This has been the most consistent I’ve seen."