Anybody who grew up during the nineties will likely hold both Snoop Dogg and DMX in high esteem. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a top-twenty list without them. And while both men have contributed some classic albums throughout their respective careers, they've only managed to collaborate on one occasion - the strangely-crossover track "Get It Get It." Still, that's not to say the mutual love wasn't present. Case in point, the Dogs made sure to link up during 50 Cent's Power premiere at Madison Square Garden. 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In a series of photo taken by Jocko Graves, Snoop and X can be seen hugging it out, posted up behind a DJ station. It's enough to bring a tear to the eye, seeing two of hip-hop's legendary figures holding it down as a united front. Perhaps we'll see Snoop make an appearance on DMX's upcoming album, whenever that one happens to be ready. After all, X has been far more active of late, and we couldn't be happier to see it.

Take a look at what happens when a pair of Doggs connect at a function, and sound off below - what are your favorite albums from Snoop and DMX?