What do you do hours after breaking up with your girlfriend? If you’re DMX, you propose to her in front of bunch of people. That’s just what happened this past weekend when X re-proposed to his longtime fiancee Desiree Lindstrom, at their son Exodus' 3rd birthday party at Sky Zone.

The former Ruff Ryder rapper turned a same-day breakup into a renewed engagement. And of course she said yes. In the clip (below), DMX tells a crowd of friends and family that he and Desiree had just broken up that same day, which is why she was wearing her engagement ring around her neck. After getting choked up, X got on a bended knee and whipped out a new engagement ring, complete with a case and everything.

While they’re clearly back together, who knows when they’ll actually tie the knot. Sources say the two have been engaged for nearly 4 years now, which is about half of their 8-year relationship in total.

Check out the clip of X re-proposing to his fiancee (below).