As 50 Cent'sStreet King Immortal album release draws closer, DJ Whoo Kid revealed to Montreality that he has heard a bunch of new "ridiculous" material and has even heard a new Eminem feature. Shady and Fif previously collaborated with Adam Levine for the song "My Life", which was released back in November.

Whoo Kid said about the new material, "I heard twenty-two songs, a lot of ridiculous shit. Eminem is on there...and I love the Em record. Not the one that's out - there's another one...I don't know if he's gonna use it, but a lot of fuckin' shit on there." Whoo Kid said he would have liked to have jacked a song to put out on the radio, but he knew he wouldn't get away with it. He said, "I was trying to steal one joint to try to leak it on the radio, but I couldn't do it...I knew he'd beat the fuckin' shit out of me."

The DJ also revealed that we will be hearing a 50 Cent that is reminiscent to Get Rich Or Die Tryin. He explained, "he always tries to top that [GRODT], but I think he did it with this one. Kinda like, got the producers back, and his hunger's back, too. The last couple albums was a rich 50 Cent, but I think he made his mindset back into the hungry 50 Cent, so he's bringing it back..."

The album currently has no release date, but is slated to be out in the spring. Are you excited to hear that Fif will be returning to his Get Rich Or Die Tryin style? Let us know in the comments.