DJ Mustard certainly put his region on in a big way, with his recent takeover of urban radio ushering in a resurgence of west coast rap. In a new interview with Elliott Wilson for CRWN, the producer spoke of just how dire the music scene was in California before his rise. 

"It was dead. It wasn't nothing going on," said Mustard of the west coast sound. "We had OGs like Snoop [Dogg], Dr. Dre, [Ice] Cube, all of them but it was time for a new generation and nobody in this audience can tell me somebody they was listening to before me and YG started bringing that sound back together. You got me, you got Nipsey [Hussle] you got Dom [Kennedy], you got Casey Veggies like now that's all together. It wasn't nobody before that."

The beatmaker later went on to share an anecdote of an instance that jumpstarted his drive, indicating that it was a particular girl's tweet aimed at him and YG that got them working. "I remember this girl got into it with YG and she said on Twitter," he said. "She was subliminally tweeting me and YG and she was like, 'Ya fat friend doesn't have a car,' and that made me mad. And then she said, 'You're a one-hit wonder,' and that made me mad..."

Mustard said from then on, he and YG were doing music every night until they found success. "Once I figured it out, we just came back and we kept going and kept going... I be at [YG's] house all night making beats and his momma didn't complain one time, or my mom."

Watch part 1 of Mustard's CRWN interview below.