When Yung Bans tweeted out that DJ Akademiks is "the police," he likely did not know what he was getting himself into. The media personality is one of the quickest to report on things in the world of hip-hop and his network of connections is nearly flawless. Ak was close to Tekashi 6ix9ine before he got locked up and there were rumors flying around that he could have had a hand in his arrest. He has denied those claims, and obviously, it's a touchy subject because Ak is butting heads with Yung Bans now on Twitter because of it.

Ak responded to Bans' tweet, writing, "Aren’t u the rapper that looks like Walmart version of YNW Melly?" Bans was unimpressed with the slander, tagging the police and advising them to give Ak a job, echoing his previous sentiment. Finally, Akademiks snapped at that, exposing the rapper as a "groupie" by posting their one-sided direct messaging conversations. "Don’t let me expose the dms of ur trash ass messaging me for a straight year with no response at all," wrote Ak before deciding to just go forward with it.

Before Bans deleted his messages, Ak spilled the receipts that go back a full year. Bans had asked the YouTuber to hop on live streams with him, share snippets of his videos, and post more content about him. The beef stems from YNW Melly's arrest for double murder with Bans seriously believing that 6ix9ine and Ak "snitched" on him.