The double-bill of Denzel Curry and the Flatbush Zombies didn't exactly go as planned, let me explain. The event organized by Red Bull Music was dubbed "Zeltron v. Zombies," inferring that both parties would do "lyrical" battle. In their defense, not once did they openly state that a freestyle session was in order, and on some level, they did produce a battle scenario by sticking both sides in a wrestling ring with sets arranged by round, like a real prize fight.

I might be the only person duped into thinking there would be a freestyle rap battle, and for that I'm sorry. But fan response on Twitter seems to indicate that people went home happy, at least those in attendance, largely because they came away with a wicked double-header concert with plenty of special appearances, from the likes of Pouya, The Underachievers, Yung Simmie, Robb Bank$, and more. Did I mention that ticket prices ranged between $10-14.

See for yourself, both rap contingents put forward the exuberance they are widely known for. If anyone is guilty of leaving things a little too ambiguous, it's Red Bull Music, the event's promoters, who are possibly misleading the public. But by all accounts, "Zeltron v. Zombies" was one helluva barnburner.

The stream of the event is available below.