Smokepurpp made his pronouncement on Mother's Day while ,holding a bouquet of flowers and a cup of lean. His underlying message was easy to decode: he fancies himself the "mother" of SoundCloud rap. Purpp ended his tired by biggin' up his brother in arms: "I created the Soundcloud big bang you already know what's going on. So, happy Mother's Day to Lil Purpp." Smokepurpp doesn't really provide framework for his argument, and even so it's hardly something to be proud of. I guess it depends on your definition "SoundCloud Rap" or "SoundCloud Generation."

Denzel Curry decided to take Purpp's pronouncement rather seriously. The Florida rapper responded to a social media post sent out by Complex. The post offered a link to an article describing Smokepurpp's Mother's Day message. Denzel Curry was clearly offended by the post and the inherent message it delivered. He sent back "You Spelled RVIDXR KLVN Wrong" without getting too involved. Obviously were a more impressionable act on the generation most familiar with the Internet.

RVIDXR KLVN was formed and led by Spaceghostpurrp, with members passing in and out of the collective, Denzel Curry included. Of course, Curry and Spaceghost had a rather public falling out, which resulted in a diss record completely disemboweling what was left of his rap career. Curry never the less, understands his place in history, just don't ask them to play nice at will call.