Denzel Curry is only of the more exciting artists that has emerged from the Soundcloud generation, with recent singles like "Sumo" and "Percs" proving that he's much more than a one hit wonder.

His upcoming album, Ta13oo, is looking to be his most anticipated yet, and people might get even more excited, if what Denzel is hinting at is true. He posted a video on his Twitter today, of a video shot from the crowd of a Flying Lotus concert. After about a minute of trippy music and even trippier visuals, Denzel bounds on to the stage and starts rapping an unreleased track to the hyped crowd.

Denzel captioned this video with a mysterious message, "LXRD ZXLTRXN - 1313TWO 🎈@FlyingLotus." "1313TWO" can't be referring to a date, but judging by the title of Denzel's next album, the 13 has a serious significance to him, despite acting as a replacement for the letter "B."

This isn't the first time that Denzel Curry and Flying Lotus have collaborated, as Denzel has previously appeared at another one of his shows, back in December. While he was there, he proceeded to kick a sick freestyle over Lotus' beats. The two appearances together can't just be a coincidence, and it's starting to look more and more likely that a Flying Lotus-produced song will appear on the Ta13oo album, and it's possible that we're hearing it now for the first time.

Check out the video of Denzel and Lotus performing and let us know what you think.