Videos from Demi Lovato's "Tell Me You Love Me" tour went viral the other day because Kehlani snuck on stage and kissed Demi, followed by Demi straddling her leaving everyone pretty much shocked. 

Following the event, that has left fans with many questions, Demi hit up The Breakfast Show with BBC Radio 1 to talk about her kiss and how it was "perfect."

“She came up behind me. I had no idea!” Demi said. “She told me she was going to be watching the show, so I was looking for her, and I didn’t see her out there so I was like, ‘OK, I guess she decided to go or whatever.’ And then all the sudden I feel hands on my shoulders for this song "Lonely," I look up and it’s her.”

Demi explained how it wasn't planned and seemingly because of that “it was awesome.” When Drake and Madonna's infamous stage smooch came up, Demi said: “Yeah, but, like, it didn’t look like Drake liked it. I liked it!”

If you need some refreshing, peep the video below to see what went down.