Boston Red Sox supporters can breathe a long sigh of relief with the knowledge that David Ortiz has been released from Massachusetts General Hospital yesterday, as per ESPN's Enrique Rojas. While the purported motives behind the attack that led to his hospitalization are hard to discern, news of David Ortiz' safe return home is most certainly a fitting endnote to this month-long debacle. 

"David has been home since Friday," a member of Ortiz' family told Rojas. "At home he will be assisted by full-time nurses and will be visited regularly by his personal doctor. He will continue to undergo all the treatment and rehabilitation necessary to recuperate from his recent injury and surgeries."

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Since being struck by a hitman in his native DR, Ortiz has undergone a total of surgeries to repair the laceration, the last of which occurring two weeks ago. Local authorities have arrested a whopping 14 individuals in connection with the shooting incident. The spiel making the rounds is that Ortiz wasn't the intended target of the hitman. The intended target was said to have possibly slept with the maiden of a local kingpin. Rumor has it, the unsuccessful hit cost the kingpin $30,000 American, off the rip. Rumor has it....