Following a story by Page Six that he's been arrested over unpaid child support, Dame Dash is speaking out to clear up any false reports. The media mogul has been in the press this week regarding his financial situations, first by TMZ who claimed Dame was broke and now this most recent Page Six feature about his arrest. Dame previously called out TMZ and accused them of lying and it seems that he's making sure he has the last word this time around, as well.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

In a video clip he shared on his Instagram, Dame is seen speaking with cameramen and reporters on the street. He's heard saying that the media doesn't talk about the successful companies that he's owned and managed over the years, his network, or his independent Dame Dash Studios streaming service. He said that when politicians owe money they get elected, but when he owes money it becomes a problem. He questioned them about what narrative they're perpetuating and before he hopped in his car to leave he turned to them and asked, "Is it because I'm black?"

"I went to turn myself in with money," he added about his arrest, clearing up any reports that he was dragged into custody by police. "That's okay, I still look good though." Watch his clip in full below.