DaBaby just released his new album Blame It On Baby and, in the music business, that means he would normally be going on tour right about now. Unfortunately, he is unable to do much promotion for the project given the current state of the world. This week, he has been calling into some of the most-watched hip-hop radio shows, including The Breakfast Club and Big Boy's Neighborhood, where he's discussing everything pertaining to this stage in his career.

Speaking with Big Boy, the topic of money came up when DaBaby racked his brain trying to figure out how much cash he's losing out on without being able to perform shows. It turns out that he's already said goodbye to millions of dollars.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

"I've already missed [out on] millions for sure," says the Charlotte rapper. "I'll pull the calendar up right now and show you. I would've been on tour right now, and after that I would've did an overseas tour. So if we go to July, oh my god... I'ma hold up how many millions I think."

Holding up five fingers to signal $5 million, somebody offscreen said he's likely selling himself short, setting the number a little higher at $7 million.

Several weeks ago, Young Thug said something similar, also estimating that he would be losing millions this year because of the pandemic

Elsewhere in the interview with Big Boy, DaBaby reveals who he would break quarantine rules for. 

Watch below at the 12:00 mark.