A few days ago, social media influencer and TikTok star Brianna Hampton, better known as Mrs. LaTruth, called out DaBaby for sliding into her DMs through another woman. On her Instagram story, LaTruth posted screenshots of her exchange with Instagram user @HeyDoctorShameka, alleging that DaBaby was trying to make his move not long after working with her husband. 

Shortly afterward, DaBaby posted a video to his Instagram story to wash his hands of the rumors. He asserted that the screenshots had been doctored and that he would never shoot his shot with a married woman. 

Derek White/Getty Images

“Someone who’s innocent isn’t gonna send threats,” Mrs. LaTruth publicly replied. “My husband don’t have to clout chase for nothing. Wtf y’all talking about.” 

The truth finally came to light, and Mrs. LaTruth returned to Instagram to formally apologize to DaBaby for the confusion. While she wasn’t lying about the conversation , fans’ further investigations revealed that the Instagram user who had sent LaTruth the screenshots fabricated DaBaby’s words. 

“Apology to DaBaby and his family,” she posted. “Thanks fans for doing your investigation and getting the truth from this girl who started it all! Ppl have way too much time on their hands!” 

See Mrs. LaTruth’s apology -- and the screenshots that started it all -- below.