Last week Joe Budden proposed to the mother of his child Cyn Santana during a Christmas Special of his self-tilted podcast. "This is the best relationship I've ever had," Joe said to his wife before getting on one knee. "I'm here to ask you the same thing. Is this the best relationship you've ever had?"

Cyn obviously said yes but little did we know her two younger sisters put in a little work before the big moment. A clip from a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York shows Cyn having a much-needed girls lunch date with her siblings at her home. After Cyn's sister shows off her promise ring, Cyn is then asked where her ring is. "First comes love then comes the baby then comes marriage and the carriage," she fired back.

When Joe makes his way into the kitchen to join the ladies (after doing some housework) he's gets hassled to make Cyn his wife.  "I will propose when I'm ready and when I feel the time is right and hopefully that's when Cyn decides to take some of her wifely duties around the house more seriously," Joe explained to the camera.  

We all know how it ended but peep the full clip below.