Relationships come, relationships go, but would you be alright with your ex from long ago hooking up your ex's ex with your most recent ex? It sounds a little complicated, and it is. People are still rooting for Joe Budden and Cyn Santana's romance with hopes that the former couple will once again find love with each other. The two welcomed a son and were even engaged at one point, but something took a turn and they decided to call it quits altogether.

Steven Ferdman / Stringer / Getty Images

They've been doing their best at co-parenting, but the couple has rehashed their breakup drama for VH1 on the current season of Love & Hip Hop New York. Also rejoining the cast is Cyn ex-girlfriend Erica Mena, who is now married to Safaree Samuels, and while the two had a fiery break years ago, they're able to be cordial now that so much time has passed. Also making her way back to L&HHNY is Joe's ex Tahiry—and the last time fans saw her on the reality show was when she was turning down Joe's marriage proposal.

Erica and Tahiry are friends, and their reunion has reportedly caused the pregnant Mrs. Samuels to want to play matchmaker. In a clip from the show, Cyn's friend Jonathan thought she needed to know what was going on. "We were talking to Tahiry, Joe's name came up," he said. JuJu chimed in: "Tahiry told us Erica is determined to hook [her] up with [her] ex, with Joe." Cyn was surprised to hear that Erica would do something like that. "Why is she even mentioning it?" Cyn asked. "What was the purpose of that?"

"Joe is a grown man," Cyn said in the clip. "Whoever Joe loves, he gon' be with. I'm just hurt and I'm like, appalled at Erica. We loved and cared for each other once upon a time but all of a sudden, Cyn and Joe are no longer together and Erica is so invested in putting him back with his ex?" Jonathan and JuJu also shared that they spoke with Tahiry about how Joe was receiving the possibility of rekindling a romance with her. "She was very evasive with her answer," Jonathan said. Watch the clip below.