CupcakKe may be considered a 'new' rapper to some who have just discovered her raunchy, sex-driven songs but by no means would we consider her an upcoming rapper. She's dropped six projects to date including her latest tape Eden that arrived at the top of the month and she was set to tour with Iggy Azalea, before canceling for a non-dramatic reason. 

So when she stood her ground and canceled her performance at Cardi B's Fashion Nova launch, she was obviously frustrated when people called her ungrateful, among other things. The "Duck Duck Goose" rapper tweeted her stance on the matter, detailing how her slot was cut short for the benefit of other performers. 

"Sooooooooo fashion nova decided to cut some of my time off my performance and raise other people times up which is very unfair to me so I came to a conclusion I don’t want to perform at the fashion nova party but I thank cardi for the opportunity," she tweeted.she tweeted.

A user replied calling her "upcoming" telling CupcakKe to "Get off ya pedestal" which prompted CupcakKe to respond, telling the user that it's really not "that deep." CupcakKe's clearly just standing her ground as an artist, as she should - we're sure Cardi would understand.