In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting in October, musical festivals have stepped up their arsenal in preparation of worst. For this year's edition of Coachella, the organizing committee and law enforcement are setting forth a plan in the event of an unexpected plot twist. They hope to have measures in place which will allow them to thwart any cell and protect concertgoers at all costs.

They plan to have first responders on site, equipped with tourniquets and other medical equipment preventing blood loss. They will also up their surveillance budget from year's past, including drones in their operative suite. They hope the drones will able to uncover any suspicious activity or packages on festival grounds.

Cops and security will reportedly undergo a training course on how to identify mysterious packages or items of interest. Any and every member of law enforcement at Coachella will have studied a site plan, and will know where trash bins and receptacles are being kept at all times. The staff on hand will be encouraged to report on anything suspicious, even if only remotely so. TMZ has learned that they are operating under the "See something, say something." mantra.

This year Coachella will feature prominent hip hop acts such as SZA, the Weeknd, Migos, Brockhampton, Vince Staples & Tyler the Creator. If you are planning on attending, be vigilant and safe, but don't let these heightened measures control your sense of determination.