One of the biggest stories from this weekend was Kodak Black's freestyle from behind bars. The superstar rapper from Florida uploaded some audio of himself rhyming without a beat, spitting out whatever came to his mind over the phone. One of the most controversial bars in the freestyle was about Yung Miami of the City Girls, with Kodak threatening to punch her in her pregnant stomach. The line provoked a response from Southside, her boyfriend and the father of her child, and now the rapper herself has struck with her own venom.

Creeping into the comments section on Instagram, Yung Miami stood up for herself by trashing the Project Baby, who she previously worked with for a music video around Christmas time. In the clip, Black even got down on one knee, proposing to the star with a ring pop and creating headlines around the world. Because of all the history between these two, you can't really be surprised there's some jealousy flying around. When a fan hit the City Girl with a comment about the verbal tirade that Kodak unleashed, YM responded with her own shade. "Poor ass n***a Kodak ain't dust shit," she said, replying to a fan who implied Caresha took an L.

To be completely honest, there's nothing cool about saying you'll punch a pregnant woman in her stomach. Are you on Kodak's side or Miami's?