Leave it to Kodak Black to craft drama even when confined to a correctional facility.

This weekend, the South Florida-bred rapper's team uploaded a clip of a Securus freestyle that the rapper dropped over a prison phone.

While it would normally be viewed as a sign of life from the rapper to fans, he used the opportunity to shed some transgressions as well, making direct reference to City Girls' Yung Miami.

"I bought Yung Miami a ring, she wanted 808 baby," he recites, alluding to the rapper's pregnancy with producer Southside, leader of 808 Mafia "When I see her I'ma hit that bitch in her stomach/The way I keep my shit too real, they say I'm fucking up my money."

Naturally, the allusion to Southside's future baby mother and unborn child drew a reaction from the decorated beatmaker as he took to Instagram to upload a clip in response.

"Hey, somebody tell Kodak suck a dick. How 'bout that? Get out of jail first, pussy," he declared.


Currently, Kodak is behind bars for allegedly providing false information when applying for a gun. His charges stem from the fact that he reportedly checked "No" when asked on a form if he was currently under indictment for a crime. Kodak, of course, is facing charges for allegedly raping a high school student in South Carolina. His attorney maintains that the rapper's fault was due to a misunderstanding.

In general, I think some of these legal terms are misleading,” attorney Bradford Cohen said.