Chris Brown probably woke up feeling blessed today to be ringing in a 32nd year of life, but even being a year older (and hopefully wiser!) hasn't seemed to put an end to his constant run-in with drama. 

Thankfully, we know Breezy has made it through much harder times — the photo below speaks for itself — than his most recent occasion of having his massive 32nd birthday bash broken up by the LAPD.

Chris Brown 32nd Birthday 400 Guest House Party Broke Up LAPD
Image: David McNew/Getty Images

TMZ gave the deets as if they were in the building, setting up the scene as "loud music and cars double-parked all over Chris' neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley," in addition to "squad cars all over the place directing a massive traffic jam as limos and fancy cars zig-zagged their way out." Cops allegedly showed up around 2 AM earlier today (May 6) after receiving calls from neighbors, with the "Run It" dancer's security helping to calm the proverbial storm. TMZ sources also estimated that the overall tally of attendees peaked at around 400 to 500 guests. Mind you, we're all still in the hopeful final stages of a global pandemic, so there's that as well!

While it's perfectly understandable to want to go all out for your 32nd birthday, particularly when you're a R&B sensation with millions of diehard fans to impress, there's also an obligation to not help this virus spread any more than it already has. Given the state of California's current COVID-19 cases, we're willing to bet San Fernando Valley isn't out of the woods in the least bit. In short, at this new old age, just try and do better when it comes to your health and for the sake of others, Mr. Brown.

Do you think Chris Brown was valid in throwing a 400 to 500 guestlist party for his 32nd birthday, or should he have opted for a more pandemic-friendly gathering with close homies like the rest of us have been doing for the past year and a half? Let us know your honest thoughts down below in the comment section: