Whether you like him or not, you can't deny the fact that Chris Brown is one of the most talented individuals in the game. He's dabbled in acting, is a known visual artist, an incredible dancer and of course, a versatile vocalist. In October, the singer made a ballsy move by dropping his double disc project Heartbreak On A Full Moon. In January, he revealed that every song off of the album either went gold or platinum however, he the album itself was still certified gold. Now, the rapper has revealed that the project has now hit a million sales.

Chris Brown's  Heartbreak On A Full Moon has officially gone platinum, according to the RIAA. It's an incredible feat for him especially since the album hit gold within a week. The rapper announced the accomplishment on Twitter.

"SAY WHAT U WANT... really wouldn’t matter at this point." He wrote, "GREATNESS DEFENDS AND SPEAKS FOR ITSELF."

The tweet itself is likely referencing another tweet that stirred up some controversy last week. Breezy received some flack after tweeting out that he wanted to do a global tour alongside Beyonce, Bruno Mars and his ex, Rihanna. The fact that he wanted to tour with Rihanna bugged many, especially after he pleaded guilty to assaulting her during the 2009 Grammy Award weekend. However, many also complained that he wasn't as talented as the other names listed. 

Overall, it's another dub for Breezy. However, it still doesn't look like his dream tour will happen at any point in the foreseeable future.