After previewing multiple songs off his forthcoming album X in the summer, Chris Brown has since remained relatively silent about the LP. We haven't received a full single from the singer since he dropped the Nicki Minaj-featured "Love More." 

Perhaps choosing to remain low-key after a string of legal troubles, the r'n'b singer has now popped back up, in an interview with DJ Skee about the album. Breezy reveals the album may be a double disc, if the label is okay with it.

"I'm tryna, on the album, you get ten songs, but hopefully it's two in each one, so hopefully it's twenty songs," Chris told Skee.

The decision for titling the album X comes from the fact that Chris has been in the music industry for ten years now. "X, I really wanted to do it, because I started at 14 as a professional, so it's been ten years, so that's why X," he revealed.

Finally the artist spoke on his features and producers, some of which we've heard before. Chris also gave a few more details about what is sure to be an anticipated collaboration with Kendrick Lamar. "I have Kendrick Lamar, you know [on] one of the songs, I actually got a chance to shoot part of the video, we still gotta shoot the rest of it," Chris explaine. "It's a crazy song called "Autumn Leaves." The way he approached it he actually wrote it from the mindset of a critic, like if a critic was sitting there talking to me."

Chris added that Kelly Rowland will make an appearance, plus he did some records with his former girlfriend. "Me and Rihanna got a couple songs, pretty dope," he said.

When it comes to producers, Breezy named two, "Diplo I worked with, [and] Timbaland." He added, "I got a couple surprises." 

Watch the full interview below.