One of the hardest working men in the industry, Chris Brown's musical output is to be admired. With the release of the over 40-song album Heartbreak On A Full Moon late last year, Breezy has kept his fans entertained with enough material to last a while. Among one of the more loyal fanbases across any genre, Brown's supporters eat up anything he has to offer quickly, whether musical or visual art. Experiencing his fair share of career-defining controversies throughout his life, Chris Brown has stayed true to his goals as an artist, consistently releasing material and working on his craft. The singer shared an excerpt of what keeps him motivated to keep working hard.

Early in his career, Chris Brown was viewed as the artist that Michael Jackson would pass the torch down to. With impeccable singing and dancing ability, Breezy was viewed by some as the next "King of Pop" and the comparisons were highly publicized with many rushing to get the reigning King of Pop's opinion on the up-and-comer. Chris Brown resurfaced some of the most important stories he remembers on his Instagram, captioning the post as, "IMA WORK HARD !" Among the headlines he included are Prince revealing he wanted to mentor Chris Brown and Michael Jackson saying Breezy is a "bright and shining star." 

With the negative talk surrounding Chris and his career, it's sometimes difficult to remember exactly how talented he is. While talent does not condone one's actions, Chris has proven over the years that he is a changed man, staying out of trouble and keeping a cool demeanor. Do you think he has reached his full potential?