Chris Brown misses his exes but the barrier has been held too high for him make up lost ground. Literally hours after it was reported that Rihanna had grown bored of her Saudi Arabian boy toy, Chris Brown was there to signal his intent. He subsequently slid into home base and followed both Rihanna and Christina Milan, herself an example of grown woman "tired of old tricks."

At what point does Chris Brown receive repentance, that's not up for us to decide, if at all. Rihanna and Jameel had been dating since June 2017, and seemed to be enjoying a relationship that allowed for individual space, but alas it ended on uncomplicated grounds, with her in the driver seat. Chris Brown's gesture on IG isn't all too cryptic when you consider his plight, and the remorse he's shared in recent months, including calling a truce with his baby mother with whom he was on bad terms with.

 It's not up to us to decide, but Chris Brown could stand to give his exes a little more wiggle room as they look to move on. You get the sense his follow on Instagram acts as an electronic leash. Can't we all just "playtawin."