One thing that Waka Flocka is good for is cultural observations. The rapper has long shared his opinions about politics, social justice issues, and pop culture, and a set of questions he posed about police shootings captured Chika's attention. On Twitter, someone shared a screenshot of a post made by Waka Flocka where he suggested that before Black people could expect law officers to stop killing them, they must first address Black people murdering their own.

Chika, Waka Flocka, Police Brutality, Black on Black crime
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

"How can we as a community beg the police to don’t shoot but we killing each other still?" Waka asked. "We gotta ask ourself how bad do we want true freedom?" Chika came across the post on Twitter and issued an assessment of Waka's questions.

"Everybody of every race commits violence against each other, it is not specific to our community," the rapper wrote. "What IS specific to us is having these respectability politics used as a condition for us to receive simple human decency from people who swore to serve and protect." In another tweeted she added, "In simple terms, nobody else has been asked to stop killing each other if they don’t wanna be killed. this is stupid. and would only come from someone who doesn’t have the range to understand double standards. or umm.. racism?"

Chika then stated, "In simpler terms, shut the hell up, flocka. thx." On Instagram, Chika shared a screenshot of her initial tweet with the caption, "@wakaflocka — shhh. not rn." Do you agree with Waka Flocka or Chika? Check out the tweets below.