Chief Keef has had 2017 on lock, if you haven't noticed. The rapper just released his mixtape The W a week and a half a go and is already revving up to drop another one in the near future. Yesterday, he began the roll out for his upcoming The Dedication project with his latest single "Mailbox." The project has been teased for over a year at this point but it's looking like it'll be the next project for Keef to add to his discography. Recently, he teased a new collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert that's likely to end up on his next project.

In a clip that's been surfacing social media, Chief Keef and Lil Uzi Vert are seen in the studio together, vibing out to the collaboration playing in the background. Over some tough production, you could hear Lil Uzi's voice laced in auto-tune while Keef continues to maintain his own drill flow without any effects on it. From what you could hear, Chief Keef still plays with melodies in his part but it sounds like he's leaving it up to Lil Uzi to execute the stretched out vocal melodies. 

Lil Uzi previously stated that Chief Keef played an influential role in his music. In a interview with Sway last year, he said that Chief Keef, A$AP Rocky and Migos were some of the artists that helped him form his own unique brand of music. 

Chief Keef's The Dedication is looking like it'll be the biggest one he's dropped this year. The Chicago rapper has dropped three projects since January and it's looking like we'll receive another one before he drops The Dedication. In late August, Fredo Santana announced that he and Chief Keef will release a collaboration project titled, Turbo Santana. The project is slated to drop on October 13th.

Aside from his musical endeavors, Apple Music previously unveiled that they've been working on a documentary on Sosa. "The Story Of Sosa: The Movie" is slated for a December release to coincide with the five year anniversary of Chief Keef's debut album Finally Rich

Check the clip below: