Chief Keef is a pretty popular rapper, so it's always appreciated when a famous artist can take some time to hang out with a fan, maybe sign an autograph or take a picture, just like he did here with famous Hollywood actor Jonah Hill.

Keef posted the picture to his Instagram, where he wrote that the two were fans of each other. Sosa is truly being humble here. Sure, Jonah may have starred in a couple movies and been nominated for an Academy Award, or whatever, but did Jonah ever make a song with Lil Pump or invent an whole new genre of rap music? I didn't think so. Checkmate.

Keef also writes "War Dogs 2" in the caption, presumably to give Jonah a free multi-million dollar movie idea. You're welcome, Jonah. The original War Dogs starred Jonah alongside Miles Teller and recounts the story of two Florida guys who become multimillionaire arms dealers. The ending of the original film does find Jonah's character lacking a partner, and Chief Keef would be a perfect fit for the role, as he probably has plenty of experience with firearms.

The commenters on the picture seem to support the idea, though many of them seem more interested in seeing Keef and Jonah together in a 3Hunna Jump Street film. Yet again, another trillion dollar idea. Better write this down, Jonah.  

Expect Chief Keef to win an EGOT any time now, or you can check out the picture of Keef and Jonah together down below.