Yesterday was Yams Day, a celebration of the life of A$AP Mob de facto leader A$AP Yams. Along with the concert and outpouring of support on social media, celebrity jeweler Ben Baller has put together a custom Yamborghini pendant for the late A$AP Yams, commissioned by A$AP Ferg.

The gaudy piece is large, around the size of a person’s palm. It features a cartoon design along with the word ‘YAMBORGHINI’ across the top. The pendant is covered in 65 karats of diamonds and uses 14k white gold accents. The links are also studded with a few diamonds.

Ben Baller and his IF & Co. design company have made a lot of expensive jewelry for rappers over the years, such as a $100k chain for Lil Uzi Vert and a $45k grill for Tyga.

What are your thoughts on this A$AP Yams chain? We'll have more on the concert last night later today, so stay tuned.