This week the charts remained relatively calm, with no hip-hop new-comers to speak of yet. However, Ty Dolla $ign recently dropped his new Beach House EP, so we'll have to see how well that does sales-wise next week. This past week was Kid Ink's second week on the Billboard 200, and while he wasn't able to maintain a spot within the top 20 of the Billboard 200, he was pretty close, dropping to #21 after a #3 debut. Although Ink is signed to RCA, this is his debut effort and while he's pushing towards the mainstream, he hasn't quite broken down the barrier yet. Jhene Aiko has seen a recent surge in sales in the past two weeks, after almost disappearing off the charts (she was down in the 100s), her Sail Out EP has sky-rocketed back up. Could this have to do with her recent appearances alongside Drake, or are people just now waking up to the singer? Either way, it's good news for her. 

1)        BeyonceBeyonce:  It appears as though Queen Bey is beginning her descent on the Billboard 200, although we imagine it’ll be a very slow one. Beyonce fell this week from #2 to #4. She sold another 61,399 copies of her self-titled visual effort, and she’s got total sales of 1,572,162.

2)       Eminem—The Marshall Mathers LP 2: Eminem continues to prove his mainstream power week after week. This week the Detroit native sold 28,751 units of MMLP2, while his total number is 1,845,894. He’s been charting for eleven weeks, although he fell four spots from #4 to #8 this past week.

3)       R. Kelly Black Panties: Kellz has been doing a bit of an up-and-down thing since his new album, Black Panties, dropped. This week it’s down again, after dropping from #10 to #17. The r’n’b singer moved 16,000 units bringing his total sales up to 302,000.

4)        Drake— Nothing Was The Same: The unstoppable Drizzy Drake continues to chart after seventeen weeks. This week the rapper fell from #11 to #18, right below Kellz. The YMCMB rapper sold another 15,059 units with a grand total of 1,400,251.

5)        Kid Ink— My Own Lane: Kid Ink had a relatively strong debut with his album My Own Lane, however he’s seen a drop this week from #3 to #21. We’ll have to wait and see how well the album maintains on the Billboard 200. This week it sold under 15k with 14,458 bringing Ink’s total up to 64,903.

6)       Macklemore & Ryan Lewis— The Heist: These guys. This week The Heist rose up one place, from #25 to #24. They’ve been charting for an amazing 67 weeks now. Will they actually ever need to release a second album? This one moved another 13,000. Total sales for The Heist are 1,269,000.

7)       Justin TimberlakeThe 20/20 Experience 2: JT dropped in sales by 25% this week, moving 10,164 copies of his album. The singer also experienced a 10-spot drop from #16 to #26. He’s been charting for sixteen weeks.

8)      Childish Gambino – Because The Internet: Childish Gambino’s independent release is definitely his most commercially-successful album yet. While it’s not doing major label numbers, it’s strong enough. The album fell this week from #30 to #20, moving under 10k. His total number is 194,000.

9)       Jhene Aiko—Sail Out EP: Jhene Aiko’s EP experienced a surge on the charts recently, however she fell four spots in the past seven days to #34. After charting for nine weeks, Ms. Aiko sold moved around 7,725 copies which is actually an increase in sales of 18%.

10)      Yo Gotti— I Am: Yo Gotti’s debut effort fell just one spot this week, descending to #50. The rapper moved 5,300 copies off shelves and brought his grand tally up to 131,000.

Bobby Ray’s Underground Luxury continues to fall down the charts, this week it dropped more than twenty spots to #53. The Hustle Gang rapper sold 5,100 copies with total sales of only 75k. Kendrick Lamar’s debut effort, GKMC, is actually sitting right below B.o.B at #55, having sold a similar amount of units—5k (his total sales are 1,143,000). Kendrick’s been charting for 65 weeks whereas B.o.B has been charting for five. Aloe Blacc’s Wake Me Up EP is charting at #60, having sold 4,800 units this week. Jay Z’s MCHG comes in at #82 this week with 4k sold, while Kanye West’s Yeezus makes his way down the Billboard 200 at #183. Yeezus moved 2k.