In case you missed it, earlier today we released our new instalment in The Plug interview series, where we aim to talk with anyone who has the clout in their respective industry about their come-up, wisdom-sharing, and much more. Charlamagne Tha God came with the gems, that's for sure, beyond just giving advice for anyone who wants to break into the industry (by way of interviewing or podcasting, he provided insight on both). However another highlight from the interview was his perspective on the current generation of rappers, aka the new wave, in comparison to the previous generation of rappers, aka legendary OGs. 

First, Charla big ups the very memorable interview The Breakfast Club did with 21 Savage a year ago, among Savage's first.

"He wasn't like what I thought he was gunna be," Charlamagne says of interviewing 21 Savage. "'Cause you know, a lot of times, man, you interview those young dudes, especially those young'n dudes from the street, they don't have no personality, they socially awkward, they don't know have much to say in interviews. 21 was the exact opposite, and I understood him, because I was him at one point in my life, I grew up around guys that were just like him." Charlamagne continued the praise, "I knew he had a good heart, and that's why I love when he's doing records now, like "Nothing New." That's a very socially conscious record." He added, "I had a perception of him based off other guys I've interviewed that were supposed to be like him, and he was nothing like that."

From there we really dove into the new generation, and Charlamagne offered some great insight:

"Y'all would hate Tupac if Tupac was alive right now. Like y'all would really think Tupac is just one of these reckless rappers, who talks shit all the time. Because he literally dissed everybody, and he did things now, that we would be calling him stupid for, but he's a legend, at the end of the day. You just never know who these young guys are gunna be, and I'm just a stern believer in letting the young generation do what they do. Cause if not, you gunna miss out on a lot of good guys. I love G Herbo, I love Vince Staples, I love Rapsody, I love 21 Savage, I like Kodak Black, I may not like Kodak Black personality, but I like his music. So let them kids flourish, man."

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