Earlier today, a shooting commenced in a residence building at Central Michigan University, which resulted in two fatalities as confirmed by local police. 

The two casualties were not students at the university, with police believing the incident arose from a domestic dispute. There were no other reported injuries, and the gunman still remains at large. The campus and most of Mount Pleasant are on lockdown in the meantime. 

The suspect is identified as James Eric Davis Jr., a 19 year-old black male who is about 5 feet 9 inches, and was wearing mustard yellow jeans and a blue hoodie at the time of the crime; he is considered to be armed and dangerous. He is allegedly at fault for the death of his two parents. 

The shooting took place on the fourth floor of Campbell Hall, a co-ed residence building. Classes have since been cancelled and students were warned to stay inside and avoid the area if possible.

Today was the last day before spring break, which means that a majority of the students and faculty have already vacated the premises to begin their week of leisure. The University is warning those who are coming to pick up anyone from the campus to hold off until further notice.