Casanova was accused of calling for a beatdown on a woman after she was caught filming him on camera. Shortly after the incident, he turned himself in to police and was charged with felony robbery in the second-degree. Now, he's facing a lawsuit from the alleged victim for assault, TMZ reports.

The incident went down nearly a year ago at the Good Stuff Diner in New York City. The woman, Niya Rucker, claimed she sat down at the diner near Cas where he was with a group of friends that included two women. She said that she was on Instagram Live showing off her food when Casanova "mistakenly believed" that she was filming him. Rucker claims that neither one of the women were his wife and that's why she things went south quickly. She said Cas told one of his friends to "take whatever action" that was needed to get the phone.

The rapper's friend allegedly put her in a chokehold before taking her cell phone and deleting the video. But she also claims that he continued to assault her, causing her to bleed heavily out of her mouth and chin. Following the altercation, she went on Live to show off her injuries. She also said that she suffered other injuries such as cuts and damage to her teeth.

Rucker is suing Casanova for assault and battery.