Cardo Got Wingz is a producer with many opinions, but he generally favors straightforward communication whatever the cause. His most recent Instagram post put into perspective a work relationship which has proven fruitful in the past, as in the case of records like "Back On The Bullshyt" and "Deadz." Cardo described 2 Chainz as "One of the realest I know of period," right after signalling they had work "coming soon." Cardo's sparse use of his sample board creates a triumvirate look that benefits a rap persona 2 Chainz has been kicking for a good decade now, especially when he weaves words together instead of full sentences and it comes out fly.

The social media confirms that something is in the pipeline. Cardo is pictured in a graphic t-shirt depicting Basquiat and Warhol courting guests at the Factory, while 2 Chainz is also guilty of offsetting his mean mug with a floral pattern. Over on his Twitter page, Cardo also alluded to working closely with Shy Glizzy, sandwiched in between his regular commentary of the day's news cycle. Although a smaller drop in the commercial bucket, #ShyGlizzyGotWingz could be the stroke of genius the DMV rapper may have been lacking since his days with Zaytoven during the Jefe series.